The Company

The Gultyde Courtyard unit is a fully equipped, self catering apartment located at rear of this beachfront property in central Saldanha Bay. The location offers easy access to restaurants, shops, hotels and nearby tourist sights. Within 30 seconds from your bedroom door you can access the beautiful 4 km stretch of beach to enjoy a walk/run and other services available.

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What Was The Challenge?

With a variety of the same type of businesses in Saldanha Bay, I needed to implement a design and information architecture that will drive more visitors to the guesthouse.  My mission was to convert new visitors and appease and maintain their loyal customer base.  The website had to be full-bodied without being to complex.  The accommodation information had to visually appeal to visitors to get the feeling that they were already on holiday.

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Gultyde Guesthouse Front View

What Was The Result

A new website built on WordPress and Divi Theme with functionality and drive to engage new and existing clients.  Contact forms implemented for quick CTA’s and driving visitors to interact.  Accommodation information and Gallery implemented to show the visitor their destination for their planned holiday.



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