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You will notice my websites are not flashy, without fancy animations and technology that makes them slow to load and gizmos and gadgets that are more of an irritancy to website visitors than a help. It is the “information highway”. People want to get to the “information” they are after as quickly and easily as possible.

My sites focus on a call to action and to get the desired response from a website visitor, in 99% of the cases this is to contact you so you can make that personal contact with the lead and convert them into a client.

Most of all, my websites are search engine friendly and are developed to rank well in the search engines, so your website should get traffic and you will get the subsequent enquiries and leads.


Here Is What I Want To Do For You

1.  I want your website to rank on the search engines so that your website receives targeted traffic / visitors

2.  I want to convert those visitors into leads that you can turn into customers for you.

Website Designs

HC Heat Exchangers

HC Heat-Exchangers

Website redesign done in 2015 and still ongoing to improve user experience.  The website is a portal to connect prospective clients to increase sales and showcase the wide variety of products and services available.


Arnold Meiring Builders

New website design done in 2019 to showcase their projects and drive action for new prospective clients.  

Gultyde Guesthouse

Gultyde Guesthouse

New website design done in 2018 to increase bookings for their holiday accommodation in Saldanha Bay.  Featuring the ammenities and accommodation available.


Refrigerated Retail Cabinets

New website design done in 2020 to showcase their products and increase sales for the refrigeration units.

Miss Nikki

Miss Nikki

New e-commerce website design done in 2020.  Online shop to drive sales of their homeware, kitchenware and gifts.



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